Monday, February 24, 2014

Another Surgery

Today, Callie had her 7th surgery and again was a trooper!!  She had ear tubes placed two years ago and one had fallen out over the summer.  We were hoping that she had outgrown the need for eartubes, but she is on her third ear infection of the year and is struggling to get over it, even after the second course of antibiotics.  So, her ENT, said that he also wanted to remove her adenoids since they are a major source of infection.  Callie had surgery this morning and everything went as planned.  The doctor was concerned because the infection was so bad and we have to call on Friday to get the results of the culture.
Even after 7 trips to the OR, it really doesn't get easier.  Our poor girl has been through so much, but we are so proud of her.  It always amazes me to see peoples reactions to her history...even today, it happened again with her make me sad and overwhelmingly proud!  I will try and update soon about some of the fun activities Callie has been involved with!

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