Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy New Year-a little late!!

I am sorry that we haven't posted in awhile...it has been a busy few weeks!

We enjoyed a nice, long week in Canton over the Holidays! Callie was able to spend a lot of time with her cousin Jack, "Jackie". She loved chasing him all over the house!!
Callie was able to spend some fun time with her Preemie friend, Haley (and Mommy's best friend Sara's daughter). It is so nice to see them interact and play with each other! Haley also went with us for Callie's first time sledding!
Grampi also came along for the sledding trip. At first, Callie wasn't so sure about the hill, but by the end she was full of smiles and asking for "more"!

It was great for my Grandparents to see how much Callie has changed. They hadn't seen her since April...so they were all amazed by her progress!

Callie also got to finally meet some family members that have anxiously waiting the opportunity. Two of her Great Aunts had made a trip down to see her when she was still in the NICU, but she was too sick for visitors at the time. I think they really enjoyed having her around. We even skyped in her other Great Aunt and Great Grandma and Grandpa...so Great Grandpa got a picture with all of his girls!
It was so nice to be close to family, that it made it difficult to leave on New Years Day!

Callie has been doing great since we returned to Maryland. We had one tough week with an ear infection, but that seems to be par for the course this winter! We are still trying to put some weight on our petite girl and are hoping by her next synagis shot to break the 20 pound mark! She is definitely starting to try more things and eating a lot more at each sitting, so we are hopeful for a good weigh in!

The big news this month is that Callie was released from Physical Therapy. Her therapist came and said that she was meeting all of her milestones for her age and making progress for the 2 year milestones that are just around the corner. We were really expecting her to need this until she was at least three....so this is another huge blessing! Our Callie never ceases to amaze us!!