Saturday, July 7, 2012

Florida 2012....and DISNEY!!!

During June, Callie had an exciting vacation to Florida.  Not only did she get to see lots of family members, but she got to go to Disney World!!

 If you know Callie, you know that this represents most of Callie's favorite things: family, pool, beach and Minnie and Mickey!!
 She spent almost every day at the pool or the beach!
 She first got to spend a couple of days on the east coast with Grandpa in Cocoa Beach!!

 Then got to visit the Magic Kingdom!!!
 Ride rollercoasters!!
 When it came time to meet Mickey and Minnie, we weren't sure if she would be shy at first (her typical behavior).  She wasnt!!  She ran right up to them and gave them big hugs!!  There were lots of tears from Mommy at Disney world---watching the wonder in Callie's eyes was amazing!!
 Then Callie got to head to the west coast for some time with Oma and her Great Grandparents!

 Giggles with Jenny and Aunt Janet!
 Reading with Oma!!
And lots of smiles with Aunt Cateese and Uncle Bob!