Sunday, February 27, 2011

What a week!

As many of you know, we have had quite a week! Over last weekend, Callie got very sick and ended up in the emergency room at St. Joe's. Callie was diagnosed with RSV ( She ended up in the hospital through Wednesday afternoon. RSV is a virus, so there wasn't much the doctors could do except monitor her Oxygen and give her supplemental Oxygen when necessary and strengthen her with IV streroids. The days were better almost immediately, but when she would fall asleep, her Oxygen levels would drop and we would start the countdown to go home again.

Once we got home, our little girl was back to her normal self...well actually, she eats more and talks more, it is great! Especially, her new favorite food-french fries!

Before Callie's hospital visit, she had the opportunity to reconnect with her preemie friend, Ailyn, at a March of Dimes event. It was so great to have the girls together again!
Callie is repeating EVERYTHING we say! She is also starting to say her ABC's and other songs and nursery rhymes. We really can't believe how quickly it is all coming together.

Today was a beautiful day in Maryland and we got to get Callie outside again!

We got the sidewalk chalk out and Callie had fun drawing all over the driveway!

We are so happy to have our happy girl back home and healthy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our 2 Year Old!!

Saturday we celebrated Callie's 2nd Birthday at home with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party! It is hard to believe that our little girl is 2 already!!

She was running around the house before the party, so excited to tell everyone how old she is. She would hold her little fingers up and scream "2"!!!

It was nice to be able to finally have a real party for her. Last year we were confined to only heatlhy, adults. So it was nice, and loud, to have lots of little ones running around!
Callie wasn't too sure about the cake, but she did like the cookie cake!

Callie fell in love with baby Luc! She kept reaching for him and wanted to hold him! So we laid him in her lap, which he wasn't so happy about, and she gave him lots of kisses to make him feel better!

And the Howard kids, Gabriel and Leah, couldn't get enough of Callie. They kept hugging and squeezing her-they have been waiting a long time for her to get big enough to play with!

It was really nice getting to see Callie play with other kids. We know that she gets to do this every day at daycare, but it was nice to watch in our home!

Callie was excited about all of her new gifts. She seams to love the kitchen the most! She likes to open and close the cabinets and push the buttons on the phone! We just stand around the corner in amazement of our little miracle that has turned into a little girl!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Birthday Countdown

We have had another busy, but exciting month!! You may have noticed the March of Dimes ticker at the side of our blog. We have again decided to do the Walk for Babies for Team Callie May this year. We are extremely honored that our family was chosen as a Mission Family and Mommy will get to speak about her miracle baby at the annual kick off next Wednesday! We are just hoping Mommy can make it through without too many tears!

Our little girl is as happy as ever! And she is getting more and more talkative everyday. She is starting to say bigger words and stringing multiple words together! She loves to play, and Daddy is trying to get her started early with her golf skills.

Maryland was hit with a few snow storms over the last few weeks. We even had a snow day where Callie was able to go sledding with her friend Ashley!

Eating remains our greatest struggle. She is starting to try a few more foods, but still has her few favorites, including french fries!! We plan on having a serious talk with her Pediatrician at her 2 year appointment just to see if there is anything else we can be doing to help Callie put on a few pounds!!

We are looking forward to an exciting weekend! Our little girl turns 2 on Sunday and is having a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party to celebrate the occasion! We can't wait to post pictures after the fun day!!