Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Active Girl

Callie has had a great first month at daycare. It is so great to see her with her new friends and participating in new activities. Our fridge is already starting to fill up with her artwork. Her early intervention teacher and Physical Therapist have been going to school to work with her. At one evaluation, they commented that if they didn't know Callie was a preemie, they wouldn't be able to pick her out of her room. It is so great to hear and see that she is doing everything developmentally with her friends. Additionally, they decided to reduce her PT to one time per month. I am glad they are going to continue to work with her, but at this point, they feel she is doing everything she should be doing in regards to gross motor skills.

Callie's new favorite activity is climbing into things. From the pictures you can see that she had fun climbing into her baby doll's stroller. She climbs into everything, from boxes to her dresser drawers! It is very cute!
We were just informed that Callie was approved for Synagis shots again this winter. It is the vaccination for RSV, which can be particularly harmful to preemie lungs. We were able to keep her healthy last season, but we are concerned with all of the germs that she is being exposed to at school, so any extra protection is welcomed. She is still on the small size for weight, but since she is still meeting her developmental milestones, they haven't become too concerned. We do continue to supplement with Pedisure to make sure she is getting enough calories and nutrients. Callie also saw her eye doctor recently. He increased her "patch" time to two hours per day, but believes surgery is inevitable. As of now, it is scheduled for December. As much as we dread another surgery, we really want this corrected before it starts affecting her vision.
Callie also continues to love music. She loves to dance to music and even loves to do the Hokey Pokey. She also is enjoying playing the piano more. It is wonderful to see her get so excited!!

We are also starting to manage Callie's growing attitude. She is quick to throw a little tantrum and we are working to have her calm down and "use her words." She also likes to throw things as you will see from this video of her with our DVD's (we did tell her that this isn't okay, but needed to get it on video first!!)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Callie's First Florida Trip

Last weekend we had a great, family weekend in Florida! We were anxious about the flight and how Callie would handle it, but like everything else, she was a champ! She loved the window shade and the headsets! She also provided some entertainment as she had to say hi to everyone on our way back from the bathroom...everyone loved her!

In Florida, Callie got to swim in the Gulf of Mexico for the first time!
And spend quality time with Oma (Lee's mom)!
She also got to play for endless hours in Oma's pool!

We had a family BBQ on Sunday and Great Grandma and Grandpa, Great Uncle Bob, Great Uncle John and Aunt Janet and Cousin Jenny came to spend time with Callie!

Callie loved the chocolate fountain! Especially the strawberries and cookies dipped in chocolate!

Callie made friends with a tiny lizard on the Lanai! She just picked him right up by the tail-we were shocked! We were a little afraid she might try to put it in her mouth, but instead she just examined him! We did rescue him before too much damage was caused!!

Thanks everyone for a great visit!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Callie's First Trip to WV

Last weekend we made our first family trip to West Virginia! Mommy's friend from college, Kelly, was visiting with her beautiful baby, Casen!

Callie was very interested in Baby Casen! She also enjoyed spending time with the other kids, Robey, Tenley and Talan!

While we were in West Virginia, we decided to visit Mommy's Alma Mater, West Virginia Wesleyan College!

Callie really enjoyed walking around the beautiful campus! It was a great day!