Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Fun

Again, we apologize for taking so long to post, but it has been a busy fall!!

We spent a fun filled Labor day in Ocean City, NJ. Callie loved playing in the sand and the water and copying her Uncle Alex!!

We decided to include a picture of the pups-we haven't done that in a while!! Callie loves when they "fight" and loves to chase them around the house and even tries to dance with them!!

We have had a lot of visitors this fall. Grandpa came down for the annual trip to the pumpkin patch.

It was VERY different than last year! She was running around and trying to climb on the big pumpkins!

We also spent a nice family day apple picking!

Callie really enjoyed picking and eating the apples. She damanded to "do it myself", she is quite the independent one!

Callie loved the hayride-especially throwing the hay in the air and everyone's hair!!

Callie has been doing really well in school this fall. She is really adjusting to the older kid classroom. Her infants and toddlers teachers are really trying to work on her confidence and communication. In the last few months, we have seen a big change in her. We watch her play and participate...it is a wonderful site! The teachers keep telling us they don't like to discipline her because she is so cute, but we repeatedly tell them they need to do it...today she had her first "time out" in school! Is it weird, that it makes me happy? She is acting like a normal toddler and we couldn't be more proud!