Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Summer is Over

It is hard to believe that fall is here!  (And I haven't updated the blog at all)  Callie had a busy summer and had lots of fun!
 We had a great visit to Canton in June, visiting family and friends.  Callie just loves being surrounded by family and I think the feeling is mutual!!
 Cal had the chance to ride her first horse this summer! 
 Visit an Irish festival!
 Spend a lot of fun time in Ocean City!
 She managed to get a great tan, despite Mommy putting on sunscreen every hour!!  (that happens for a sun baby that loves to be in the pool at every chance she gets)
 We attended the 2012 Johns Hopkins NICU reunion and saw some of our favorite nurses and the brand new NICU that just opened!  The new NICU is beautiful and has private rooms for each baby.  I couldn't help but think how I never would have left her side if that had been available when she was in the NICU.  I dreaded every night that I had to leave her, it is an awful feeling to leave your sick baby and I am so glad that these parents have the opportunities to stay with their babies!
Callie got to go to fairs and amusement parks and had NO fear of the rides!!  She was upset when she wasn't tall enough to ride one! 
 Callie still loves gymnastics and has started swimming lessons again.  She also started ballet a few weeks sweet!!
 Mommy started taking Cal to the library and she loves it!  We are so happy that Callie loves to read!  She loves to have stories read to her and then she likes to tell the story back to you!  She has developed a great imagination.  She loves playing with dolls and any sort of make believe!
Callie moved up a room at school in August and is officially in pre-school.  Her room is even out of the baby hall-such a big girl!!  We love her teachers and the fact that she is learning so much! She is really doing well with her letters, with both recognition and sounds.  It's so cute to have conversations with her, she will tell us all about different things that start with A...all things we never knew would be possible.  We can't wait for all that is to come!!