Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun Fun Fun

We wanted to post a lot of pictures on this entry because we were so slow in updating! Make sure to see the post below with the video of Callie going underwater at swimming lessons. For some reason, we can't do pictures and video in the same post!

So, below we were mentioning how much Callie loves swimming lessons. Well the pick above is from week one when things were much different! We are so proud of how far she has come.

We have been spending a LOT of time outside, which has been great! Callie loves to do anything involving water, even helping Mommy water her flowers!!

Callie got a new Princess sprinkler which she loves to run through, especially if one of us will hold her hand!

We made our first trip to the beach over Memorial Day weekend. Callie LOVED spending time with her Poppop!

And playing in the sand!!

Callie has reached a point where she has little fear! This is her swinging on the monkey bars at our playground. She is quite the climber!!

She also loves to slide! She would slide for hours if we would let her. Her new tactic is to try to slide head first, but we try to make her slide on her bottom, which she will tell us over and over-"callie slide on her bottom, 1-2-3 go!!"

Callie has recently discovered video's and technology. We definitely want to limit her exposure to this, but she loves her Mickey Mouse and Callie home videos, so we usually will give in a few times a day for her to enjoy!!

We had a special visit from Grams this weekend! Callie loved taking her on a walk!!

Callie is having a lot of 6 month follow up appointments, so we will update next week with more information!!

Callie Under Water

We know that we are WAY behind on updates, but this month has been crazier than normal!! We thought for a change, we would include a video of our girl! Above is a video from her at swimming lessons this week going underwater! She has been in swimming lessons for the last 6 weeks and absolutely loves it. Every time we drive past where the pool is, she asks if we can go to the pool! She is pulling herself out of the pool and LOVES to jump in!