Sunday, June 13, 2010


So far, June has been a great month! Callie is continuing to amaze us as she develops into a happy, little girl! The picture above is Callie lounging during an exhausting shopping trip with Mommy and Daddy at the Mall! I think we wiped her out!!
Callie loves to give and blow kisses, even to the dogs! This video is of her giving kisses to our dog Bryson. We have been really impressed with how the dogs have taken to Callie. When Callie was a baby, the dogs would always be the first ones to her bassinet if she was crying. Now that she is on the move, they are pretty patient with her chasing them and rough petting! We are trying to teach her the concept of being gentle, but we aren't quite there.

Swimming lessons were so much fun this year! The picture above is of Callie on the day Daddy swam with her. As you can see, our little miss priss was a little bored with the activities of the day and decided to lounge on her kick board instead!

As the classes progressed, Callie really began to get comfortable in the water, even willingly putting her face in the water. We are sad Guppies is over, but plan on trying to get Callie in the water as much as possible during the summer!

Callie loves her daily afternoon time in the yard. She is always smiling and laughing and showing off her new top tooth! It is SO cute!!
Our biggest struggle right now is getting Callie to eat the food we want her to. She LOVES goldfish and cheerios, but obviously she needs to eat a more balanced diet than that! It definitely isn't an ability issue, because if we can get it in her mouth, she chews it right is just getting it between her clenched lips that is the issue. So, if anyone has any tips for feeding a picky baby, please let us know!