Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why we continue to walk!

First, I want to start by thanking everyone who has supported Team Callie May throughout the years.  I know it is a lot to ask, year after year, and I often stop and ponder if I should keep asking...but that thought only lasts for a second.  I look at my daughter, at her friends, at the statistics, and I know that our work is just beginning.  We are so thankful for all of the research that has been done by the March of Dimes, because we know that it was instrumental in Callie's survival!
I am amazed by Callie every day.  As I did a few years ago, I decided to post a picture of Callie's first Easter (above-at over two months old) and below (age 5).  Even at two months old, she could still fit inside her Easter basket.  Now, she races around the house searching for eggs.  But we still see glimpses of prematurity.  She is still very clumsy.  We can attribute some of that to her eyesight and some to the brain damage she had at birth.  But it doesn't phase her, she keeps playing and laughing and trying!  Just this week at gymnastics, Callie was able to make it across the balance beam by herself for the first time-something her peers have been doing for years...but Callie wasn't stable and couldn't see well enough to do it without assistance.  Her amazing teacher, Ms. Meghan, suggested we put back on her glasses for the beam work (we had stopped having her wear them because of her falling and breaking them).  Ms. Meghan believed she was struggling with the depth perception and that is why she was struggling.  Ms. Meghan was right!  She put on her glasses and did it by herself.  Callie gave her teacher a big hug and then ran out to share with us that she was "big" and did it!  She went back in and kept practicing!  This has been a common theme throughout Callie's life.  Sometimes it takes her a little longer to reach a milestone or accomplishment...but she keeps fighting and when she gets it, you would never know that she struggled.
The March of Dimes has provided our family with so much support over the years.  From the surfactant she received at birth that helped her lungs, to the connections we continue to make with other amazing families!  I have had the gratifying opportunity to be a volunteer for the March of Dimes at Franklin Square Hospital right here in Baltimore.  I get to see on a monthly basis all of the support the March of Dimes provides families going throught the trauma that comes with having a baby in the NICU.  They provide classes, support groups, craft nights, and other resources so that Mommy's and Daddy's are more prepared to care for their preemies.  I volunteer on craft night, helping parents create picture frames, name tags and onesies for their little ones.  It is a nice opportunity for the parents to meet other parents and realize that they are not alone!  
There are many reasons why we continue to March for Babies.  We are so blessed that Callie beat the odds and is thriving today!  One of my best friends is currently 23 weeks pregnant.  She called and told me how she was reading about what would be happening to her little one growing inside of her over the next week.  She couldn't believe that Callie survived.  She said, there is just still so much that is supposed to happen to them safe inside of their Mommy.  It is true-we are beyond lucky!  More research needs to be done so that these babies stay safe inside their Mommy's until they are full term and ready to be born!  So please consider supporting Team Callie May this year and help fight for all Babies!
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Brackets for Babies 2014

It is that time of year again to rasie money for the March of Dimes!  The March of Dimes has positively impacted our lives in so many ways!  We are so thankful for all of the care and support Callie received and a lot of that medicine was made possible by the March of Dimes.  This is our third year raising money with the March Madness brackets.  Please forward these brackets to anyone that you think would be interested!  We appreciate all of the support for Team Callie May and this great cause!
                     March Brackets for Babies

Please join us for a "fun"draiser for Team Callie May and the March of Dimes!

Help fight prematurity with your NCAA Basketball Bracket Picks!
                                 Enter for only $10
$5 goes to the March of Dimes and $5 goes into the final championship pot!

                                 Winner gets - 60%
                                 2nd Place - 30%
                                 3rd Place- 10%

Please sign up now by using the link:

Password: fighter

Any questions?  Email me at

Your $10 payment can be made out to me, Marci Costello, by check or cash mailed to:
711 Scottish Isle Dr
Abingdon, MD 21009

Monday, February 24, 2014

Another Surgery

Today, Callie had her 7th surgery and again was a trooper!!  She had ear tubes placed two years ago and one had fallen out over the summer.  We were hoping that she had outgrown the need for eartubes, but she is on her third ear infection of the year and is struggling to get over it, even after the second course of antibiotics.  So, her ENT, said that he also wanted to remove her adenoids since they are a major source of infection.  Callie had surgery this morning and everything went as planned.  The doctor was concerned because the infection was so bad and we have to call on Friday to get the results of the culture.
Even after 7 trips to the OR, it really doesn't get easier.  Our poor girl has been through so much, but we are so proud of her.  It always amazes me to see peoples reactions to her history...even today, it happened again with her make me sad and overwhelmingly proud!  I will try and update soon about some of the fun activities Callie has been involved with!