Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday!!!

Can you believe Callie is 4 years old?!?! And she certainly acts the part!!  This was her first year having a Birthday party with her friends from school.  In years past, her parties were always families of Mommy and Daddy's friends, but this year, HER friends were included and she was soooo excited!! 
Unfortunately, it has been a rough winter for Callie's health.  It was touch and go whether or not we would have to cancel her Birthday party, but luckily, her temperature subsided and she was able to have her party as planned!
Callie absolutely loves gymnastics, so it was an easy decision to have her party at her Gym!  We had never been to a party there, but were pleasently surprised.  They had lots of playtime with the kids in both the big gym and the little gym, before taking you downstairs to a party room for pizza and cupcakes!

One of the highlights is a swing that the kids took turns dropping into a pit of foam cubes.
Then the teachers had Callie sit on the swing while all of her friends sang "Happy Birthday" to her.  Callie still has Mommy play her the video of the singing.  She thought it was so cool that everyone sang to her!!
In other news, Callie is going back to her ENT this week as she continues to have ear infections, and it appears one of her tubes is no longer in place.  And she as I mentioned in her last post, she is in the middle of being evaluated by Child Find and we will update you as soon as we get the final reports!