Friday, January 20, 2012

Big Girl

Everyday Callie amazes us!! Her newest accomplishment is being potty trained! She has been working on this for awhile now, but we have now gone several days without an accident both at home and at school! We are SOOO proud of her!!

Swimming lessons have been going really well! She loves her teacher, Miss Danni, and her new friend Joey (who is 4 1/2).

For the most part, she follows directions and the teacher is very pleased! The best part is Callie LOVES it. As soon as her lesson ends, she asks if she can go in again. She is starting to understand her schedule and will actually ask, "can I go to swimming lessons on Thursday?" So cute!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Joy

What a difference a year makes! This year Callie seemed to understand Christmas, at least the Santa and presents part. We kept trying to explain and read to her about Baby Jesus, but I think it is a little over her head still. We did manage to get her to sing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus though!

December was filled with many Christmas' with different family members. Callie loves being with her family and talks about them all of the time when they aren't here!

We made the trip up to Canton for Christmas itself. It was so nice to be home for 10 days!!

We had just been home in November, but even in one short month, Cal had changed quite a bit. Her conversations are getting more advanced. Full sentences and never ending questions are a daily part of life-which is SO much fun!!

Callie spent most of her break playing with her cousin Jack and Auntie Kim!!

Callie was so excited that Santa came and brought her presents. She really got into opening presents. The problem was, once she opened a fun present she didn't want to open any more. She kept saying, "I don't want to open more presents, I want to play!"

Grammi and Papa Mike stayed at the Best Western, so Callie was able to enjoy time in the indoor pool. We were anxious to see if Callie would still love the water, and she certainly did!

We were contemplating doing another session of "Mommy and Me" swim lessons, but after seeing her comfort in the pool, we decided to enroll her in actual small group lessons. Callie started her lessons on Thursday. She is in a group with a 4 1/2 year old boy, and within 5 minutes of class starting, she was keeping up and doing everything the little boy was doing! It is so exciting to watch her do so well in the pool!

Kisses from cousin Jack!

Snuggling with Ma!

Happy time with Auntie Kim!!

Canton was FREEZING cold! One morning it was actually -12!! We did have snow and a white Christmas! Callie got to go sledding with Grampi, but actually had more fun on the snow covered slides at the school playground!

Dancing with Auntie Kim!

Kisses with Pa!

So now we are back to our routine! Callie is back to school and having fun with her friends. She keeps asking when we are going back to Canton! Hopefully soon!!